Razey Rovers

Sweet Season. Bitter After taste!

Written 30 December 2013, 02:20

By Getha Scoop

We conclude the remarkable story of a historical team in their unbelievable season in their first time in Division 4 France. A team no one even looked or thought of to be fighting for the title and just wrote them of just because they just got promoted, but this is football and this is a reason why we love it with its unpredictability.

Coming into the last game with the top 3 teams all tied at 58 points only separated by goal difference. Razey Rovers getting the worse end of that deal having won most their games by a margin of 1 goal and Cheivo Academy reining at the top. But in the end the goal difference didn't mean anything to Rovers in the end as they falter at the last hurdle only mustering up a draw with the other team who promoted with them and as the other 2 went onto win.

We spoke to the manager after the game about the season they had.
"Well everyone must admit that it was a season no one expected from us. We did go into the game knowing that our promotion chances was out of our hands as we needed at least one of the other two to not win to give us any chance with our inferior goal difference." He then continues to go on about how their mindset was affected before even stepping one foot on the pitch. "We had advantage or disadvantage, which ever you want to call it, knowing what our promotion rivals results were before we even kicked the ball having a later kick-off. And knowing that they both had won, we would of had to win something ridiculous like 12-0 which was too improbable really and fair play to FF City took advantage early on in the game with the team being slightly deflated. But at half time I talked to the boys telling them that the fans deserve a better finish to the season rather than a whimper but we were only able to get level and not a winning goal." He was then asked about ambitions for next season. "Well the funny old game football is we could end up in the relegation fight this time, I hope we don't as we have set a very strong foundation in this league. One that I hope we can build upon and maybe next time we will get that slight fortune."

IF Rovers would of got promoted it would of been the first time in their 5 year history to get back to back promotions. And to my knowledge the first Division 3 side to be low enough ranked to still enter the Newcomers Challenge Cup.

The Razey Rovers player can now relax now as new years approaches and hope they can deliver next season.