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The BIG Interview - Poul Odgård

Written 9 February 2010, 18:41

So Poul, what is it like being at a club like Humans?

It's a club well looked after, and established well throughout the VM world. To be a part of a big team is an honour.

What are your goals?

My goals are to be at the club for as long as possible, and keep giving my all. smiley

Poul, how did you get into football?

I saw some posters being advertised in Denmark about "Soccer Schools", being run by a fellow who calls himself Rasmus. I went along, and a lot of scouts were there, and a team picked me up and here we are.

Good luck for the future Poul Odgård!

Please, call me Poul. smiley


- 13 February 2010, 18:47
what team do u support