The Best ones

Div 4 england title race

Written 17 May 2015, 09:05

We could be about to make division 3 in a second country. In a very close battle at the top again a few points have separated the top for half the season. And at the moment with 2 games, 3 points separate the top 5.

1 West Ham Pro Team 28 +44 60
2 The Best ones 28 +34 59
3 Yeovil Toon 27 +27 59
4 Partizan Badger 29 +25 59
5 carless xi 28 +33 57

If we win our last two matches we should be guaranteed promotion due to superior goal difference. However our last match of the season is against Yeovil toon, who also have a match themselves against west ham pro team. It will be close and this amazing season is much down to Fukatami's 31 goals in 30 games, including 12 man of the match performances, even having sustained a short 12 hour injury last on in the season. This has been important as we lost our legendary goal keeper Rashid Khan at the start of the season, who pulled off 28 man of the match performances in his 141 appearances.

Hopefully we can pull ourselves past the finish line and be prepared for relegation which is likely to follow.