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Top 3?

Written 14 January 2012, 22:27

Wow what a day today, won all my matches and now have 8 wins in a row. The day finished even better when my competitor in the battle for third lost to top of the league in a close 1-0 lose, putting me 2 points ahead with 3 games left. The last two matches of the season will decide where in the top 4 I finish as they are against fourth place and second place, who are 3 points ahead but have superior goal difference. I am expecting to lose to second place and am hoping to squeeze a win against 4th place and grab third place and a nice prize money total. Today also saw my star FR grabbed from the transfer list for 100,000 more than I bought him for (bought for 80,000). This could hurt my challenge for third but I have replaced him with a only slightly weaker striker, who cost me an expensive 98,000. I can only hope for a top 3 finish tomorrow I will see. The only extra advantage I have is the extra +4 in goal difference over third so a win in my first of three (against 12th place) and a win against fourth place would put me third. But even a loss to fourth by a close margin and a draw to second can get me third.