FC Nieuwegein

2017-17 Bundesliga

Skrevet 27. april 2017, 23:31

After last season championship and loser of the DFB Bokal final it is going great again. In the semi-final of the Super Cup, second place in the bundesliga 1 point ahead of nr. 1 after 18 games and round 5 of the DFB Bokal. So no complains here. When can we make the double so we can move to another competition (Denmark or France).

smiley smiley smiley smiley


Marc van Gaal 29. april 2017, 21:13
Stil going good. First in the Bundesliga with 1 point ahead, semi final of the DFB Bokal and final of the Super Cup.
Three games to go in the Bundesliga. Come on FC Nieuwegein we want to go to France. smiley

Marc van Gaal 30. april 2017, 18:53
Again a championship but lost the two finals of DFB Bokal and Super Cup. So also a lot of dissappointment but on the other half: a lot off cash flow.
We try the double next season. smiley