Lokomotive Bryggen

2019-39: What goes down must come up

Skrevet 30. september 2019, 10:55

For the third time in as many attempts, Lokomotive Bryggen got promoted from the German Division 2. It was a very competitive league most of the way, but a terrific ending with eight wins in the last nine games gave Bryggen a rather comfortably win with 70 points.

Czech international Zivan Zagrosek will turn 31 in the beginning of next season, so it was no surprise that Bryggen brought in a replacement. On his 29th birthday, Austrian International Pascal Budka moved to Bryggen to the tune of 7M, which makes him the most expensive player in team history. Zagrosek was sold to Tampa Bay Lightning FC in the French Ligue 1 for 4.8M, which is 1.5M more than Bryggen paid for him 13 seasons ago. In his career at Bryggen, Zagosek has been named Man of the Match a ridiculous 86 times. He will truly go down in history as one of the clubs legendary players.

The season saw three players topping club legend Anaruma's record 412 games for the club. Now Marcus Grauslund has 443, captain Åstrøm 439 and Zagrosek 432. Bryggen finished the season ranked 220 in the world, so the team will participate in World Cup next season for the third time in a row. The club still haven’t experienced the second round of that competition but maybe third time’s the charm?

Financially, the 2019-39 season was a tremendous success. Chief Dealer Lick Neeson managed to bring home 10.8M on trading. This is the first time in club history that eight figures has been made in the market. Gate money (4.4M) was at a new all-time as well, partly thanks to drawing home field advantage in all five cup games. Head Treasurer Enid Ford A’Kash reports that the season’s total earnings was 13.4M.

We asked German Head Coach Sepp Piontek about the prospects for next season. The two first times, Bryggen played in Die Bundesliga, they got relegated. “Also, wir haben the same goal as last time. We want to überleben. Es will nicht be easy, and there is a large probability that we have to go down again. Aber, wir müssen ambitious sein and we believe in ourselves. My players keep outdoing themselves, and I believe very much in them”.

As last time, we are having a hard time pointing out four teams that Bryggen will stay clear of, but we wish the team the best of luck in its third encounter with the country’s best teams.