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Jan 2011: Upgraded to a WCTF, 8 months after I started. I was lucky enough to get a 63m super-t four or five months in, but I'm still pleased with the effort. smiley

Nov 21, 2014: Made top 15 richest clubs list for the first time with ~785m. I was, I believe, the first non-Danish manager to do so. Of course, the rich list isn't a measure of total wealth and there were several non-Danish managers at the time who were worth significantly more... but I'm still proud of it.

Highest rank thus far is 3rd on the rich list (Jan 23, 2017).

Mar 25, 2015: Reached 1 billion credits. I was, as best I've been able to determine, the 11th manager to do so, and the third non-Danish manager, after Moody Bow and Liverpool's Year.

Jan 6, 2019: Won first major trophy.

May 20, 2019: Ranked 1 for first time.

Aug 18, 2019: Reached 2 billion credits. I was the 4th manager to do so, and the second non-Danish manager, after Liverpool's Year.


Training stats in an unbalanced fashion can lead to training penalities.

Skills to Ratings:

Handling 19.23%
Aerial 19.23%
Diving 19.23%
One on one 19.23%
Speed 7.69%
Acceleration 7.69%
Passing 1.92%
Stamina 1.92%
Perseverance 1.92%
Leadership 1.92%

Tackling 40.54%
Speed 16.89%
Acceleration 16.89%
Passing 6.76%
Dribbling 3.38%
Stamina 3.38%
Perseverance 3.38%
Leadership 3.38%
Set pieces 3.38%
Finishing 2.03%

Passing 22.58%
Dribbling 19.35%
Stamina 16.13%
Finishing 12.90%
Speed 9.68%
Perseverance 6.45%
Tackling 3.23%
Acceleration 3.23%
Set pieces 3.23%
Leadership 3.23%

Finishing 30.03%
Dribbling 24.02%
Speed 15.02%
Acceleration 15.02%
Passing 3%
Perseverance 3%
Leadership 3%
Set pieces 3%
Stamina 2.4%
Tackling 1.5%
Køn Mand
Land USA
Alder 32
Tid siden tilmelding Cirka 10 år siden