• Fix a rare problem where the stadium could not be shown in the presentation view in the match viewer


  • Use the correct timezone when showing when interesting youth players became interesting


  • Use the correct colors for the away team match kits on any pages related to matches


  • Stadium capacity requirement in sponsorship offers now uses the raw capacity of your stadium (thus ignoring temporary reductions due to repairs/construction)


  • Fixed an error that could cause an employee job listing to never finish in very rare circumstances

  • Fixed an error that prevented you from using the advent calendar prize scout

  • Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect triggering of the "Win X matches in a row" bonus type in sponsorships


  • Fixed an issue related to the database upgrade

  • Make sure clubs don't get stuck in the tutorial, because they can't accept sponsorship offers after the deadline


  • Send a notification to all receivers of league prize payouts

  • Fix layout issue in support system

  • Add a warning when placing a bid on a transfer listed player, if the duration of the auction is extended to ensure it doesn't end outside the transfer window

  • You can now reject employee job applications without waiting for them to expire automatically

  • Faster job listings

  • Count the number of friendlies squads have played correctly

  • Scouts are no longer eligible for the job pool unless they have either 20 in ability assessment or 18+ in potential assessment


  • If the senior squad is kicked from the league, allow the club to apply to the same country


  • Fixing a rare error that could prevent clubs from completing player training


  • Updated game with latest community translations

  • Fixed missing translations on employee job application page


  • Always show the four current matches of the senior squad, regardless of the day they are played

  • Format the notification about job applications correctly

  • Fix an error that prevented some clubs from accessing and editing their training exercises


  • Translate the youth squad name header

  • Stop redirecting clubs without membership immediately to the shop, when membership is required

  • Display how many Credits and VM tickets the club has on the job applications page


  • Redesigned /employees page to show more useful information

  • Show when hidden auctions expire

  • Added employee portrait to employee profile page

  • Redesigned Club -> Employees page, adding new employee portraits

  • Instead of sending a club directly to the shop when VM Premium is required to upgrade their stadium, show a popup with a link to the shop


  • Enforce the limit of 5 scouts per club when hiring scouts

  • Make sure player auctions are updated with the players' distinction

  • Prevent players from appearing multiple times in league topscorer lists


  • Fix an error in the shown transfer window time interval when trying to accept a player bid that would result in an auction ending outside the transfer window

  • Fixed a couple of instances of stuck employee job listings

  • Prevent clubs from being shown with their id, when they do have a name.

  • Use the manager's timezone to figure out which matches to show in current matches on the Clubhouse overview page

  • Fixed a bug that was causing no new employees to be generated when players retire

  • Slightly increase the generation of the most important abilities when generating new coaches during player retirement

  • If a player becomes an employee upon retirement, they will now send a job application to their own club, instead of being hired automatically.

  • Info box now shows the type of employee that an active job listing is seeking

  • You now get a notification once an employee job listing has completed

  • Added dialog to confirm creating a new employee job listing

  • Show day wage on job applications list

  • Fix the layout on the league seedings page

  • We no only highlight the relevant abilities for the type of employee you are looking at


  • Fixed a few instances of missing or incorrect employee profile images

  • Fixed a missing Danish translation and a spelling error on employee search

  • Fix for scout search resulting in applications from coaches and scouts with poor stats