• Fixed a rare error in SMS payments caused by the provider sending confusing callbacks to our system

  • Upgraded to Rails 7.0.3


  • Fixed an error that allowed managers to submit certain invalid club name change requests


  • Fix for crash related to notification


  • Upgraded to Rails


  • Adjustments to US place name database


  • Performance optimizations


  • Automatic worker-killer system to catch unhandled memory leaks


  • Fixed error in club search related to club name changes


  • Upgraded to Ruby 3.1.1


  • Performance optimizations in multiple systems, such as free transfer listing generation, database cleanup, and more

  • Fixed an issue where club name was displayed instead of custom youth squad name in several places


  • Upgraded to Ruby 3.1 and Rails


  • Fixed an issue with notifications from subscribed forum threads where posts are frequently deleted

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the club name search to get stuck when composing a new mail


  • Fixed an issue making matches unwatchable in certain circumstances when a player had left the club

  • Upgraded to Rails 7.0.2

  • Fixed a firewall issue that was preventing people from certain countries from seeing match kits


  • Fixed Rails 7 related issue causing problems with SMS payments

  • Fixed a bug where logos, banners and manager photos in some circumstances could be overwritten.


  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to view the manual

  • Fixed error that was preventing you from firing coaches who were currently assigned a training group

  • Fixed Rails 7 related problem with PayPal payments

  • Fixed crash on "privacy policy" and "data deletion" info pages

  • Fix for missing shoutbox


  • Fixed crash on league transfers page

  • Upgraded to Rails 7.0

  • Upgraded jQuery to version 3.5.1


  • Upgraded to Rails 6.1


  • Upgraded to Rails 6.0


  • Explanation of error when a Facebook login attempt fails because Facebook takes too long to respond


  • All advent calendar prize now automatically disable after 7th of January

  • Fixed a bug on subscription upgrade page that resulted in non-subscription products being offered

  • Fixed a problem that occurred when searching for clubs who have had a recent name change


  • Fixed a bug that meant newly created clubs didn't get the name they requested

  • Made club creation much faster


  • Fixed invisible control buttons in match viewer. Fixes bug report 5647

  • Prevent VM Awards nominations of bot clubs


  • Fixed another issue where invalid match kits colours of old clubs could cause crashes on various pages

  • Team overview warining about suspended players now works properly with customized tactics


  • More crew roles are now specified in forum posts

  • New forum moderator crew role with access to all forums, so that moderators no longer need to have permissions assigned to individual forums

  • Fixed formatting error in cup match times. Fixes bug report 5639

  • Made it possible to use advent calendar prize scout to evaluate specific club players

  • Bug moderators are automatically notified when some writes a new bug report

  • Always show guide on bug report submission page

  • The field 'Founded' on the club information page now uses the date that the manager signed up, instead of the date when the club was created as a bot club in the database

  • We now show crew members' roles in support tickets

  • If you have set your language to something other than Danish, you no longer just see shoutbox messages from user with the same language setting as you, but instead from all clubs with a language set to something other than Danish.

  • The page where you change your email now warns that selling or transferring your club to someone else is not allowed