• Fixed a problem with form analysis for clubs who train twice in the same day according to their own time zone (when it is different from CET). The results are now added together instead of one of them disappearing.


  • Added company logos for every sponsor

  • Newly created employees have improved stats

  • Match execution now begins at the earliest 30 seconds before the scheduled time (down from 2 minutes previously)


  • New employees are generated with slightly higher stats


  • Sponsorship offers no longer have a division offer. Instead you get offers from sponsors with a budget that suits your club

  • Youth squad requirement in sponsorship offers now stipulate a certain number of youth supporters, and gives an increase in base amount that is proportional to that number

  • Sponsorship offers can now have up to 3 bonuses instead of just 2

  • Added new sponsorship bonus type: Play a certain number of international friendlies

  • Added new sponsorship bonus type: Reach a certain round in national cup

  • Cooldown time after getting new sponsorship offers reduced to 24 hours


  • Make the warning for the division requirement on sponsorship offers more clear.


  • You can no longer get multiple offers from the same sponsor in the same offer round

  • Fixed an issue that made sponsorship bonus amounts 0 if the club had 0 supporters (such as newly returned clubs)

  • Display the correct club logos on the match presentation.


  • Fix link to youth league on the sponsorship offers page.

  • Fix a spelling error in a text.

  • Add sponsorship to the newbie tutorial.


  • Amounts for league placing sponsorship bonuses significantly increased

  • Added 5th place as a option in league placing sponsorship bonuses

  • "X wins in a row" sponsorship bonuses with up to 9 wins in a row (with corresponding higher prize amounts)

  • Higher variation in sponsorship base amounts

  • Cooldown time after getting new sponsorship offers reduced to 32 hours


  • Fixed 2 sponsor related bugs, that were causing some matches to be delayed


  • Added one new sponsor who requires division 1


  • Add relevant club information on the sponsorship offers page.


  • Show if the club has accepted a sponsorship offer on the team overview.

  • Clarify the division requirement for sponsorship offers is for the stated division or higher.

  • Made the link to sponsorship offers easier to find.

  • Fixed a bug related to sponsors, which would cause some matches to never be executed


  • When stadium size requirements for sponsorship offers are generated, use the stadium capacity regardless of ongoing repairs.

  • Fixed sponsor crash that happened when a club had 0 supporters

    • In certain cases, editing manager information could cause an error. This has been fixed.
    • A bug in signing up for a new club has been fixed.
  • Fixed a crash on the new sponsorship pages that occurred if the club had either a very large or very small stadium

  • New sponsorship system


  • Fixed a rare error in SMS payments caused by the provider sending confusing callbacks to our system

  • Upgraded to Rails 7.0.3


  • Fixed an error that allowed managers to submit certain invalid club name change requests


  • Fix for crash related to notification


  • Upgraded to Rails


  • Adjustments to US place name database


  • Performance optimizations


  • Automatic worker-killer system to catch unhandled memory leaks


  • Fixed error in club search related to club name changes


  • Upgraded to Ruby 3.1.1


  • Performance optimizations in multiple systems, such as free transfer listing generation, database cleanup, and more

  • Fixed an issue where club name was displayed instead of custom youth squad name in several places


  • Upgraded to Ruby 3.1 and Rails


  • Fixed an issue with notifications from subscribed forum threads where posts are frequently deleted

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the club name search to get stuck when composing a new mail