• Fixed a bug in the employee search backend which enabled searches which are no longer supported by the UI, for performance and security reasons.


  • Upgrade to Rails

  • Improvement to make media rights payments during season update less probe to database deadlocks


  • Attempt to prevent certain ads from disabling clicks on the entire page


  • In rare cases clubs were being redirected to the Club house, when opening the notifications dropdown. This should now be fixed.


  • Fixed an issue when upgrading a Premium subscription to Pro after having changed manager country

  • Fixed a crash error that resulted in no new scouts being generated


  • Added parallelisation to several season update tasks

  • Made advent calendar ready for 2022

  • If match attendance estimate on match preview is higher than stadium capacity, do not round the number

  • Performance optimisation on christmas theme snowfall


  • On betting game front page, display the correct date for when daily points start being awarded


  • Set up betting game for World Cup 2022

  • Performance improvement on pages with a country selector

  • Small performance improvement to notifications dropdown


  • Performance optimization on /employees/search when no country has been selected


  • Database change resulting in a small performance improvement on employee search


  • Fixed a bug, which meant that when reloading /auctions/buying, you would see a cached remaining time for a split second before it was updated automatically


  • More effective fragment caching on auctions/buying

  • Fixed a crash in an admin tool


  • New version of flash message system implemented in Stimulus for use with features that use Turbo Streams

  • Rewrite of /auctions/buying to use Turbo Streams for updating bids instead of polling

  • Bug fixes to /auctions/selling


  • When new auctions are created in the background (transfer list bids, other browser tab etc.) they are now transmitted to /auctions/selling so that they appear automatically with no need for reloading the page

  • Using Turbo Streams, finished auctions now disappear automatically from /auctions/selling without the need to reload once they have been processed by the background job

  • Turbo Stream broadcast now sent through the critical priority queue in Resque

  • Rewrite of /auctions/selling to use Turbo Streams for updating bids instead og polling


  • Several performance optimizations for the notification dropdown

  • Fixed more bugs in the notification dropdown


  • Performance optimizations for the chat


  • Performance optimizations for the notification dropdown

  • Use Turbo Drive when clicking the "Show more" link on /notifications/index instead of old javascript

  • Fixed an bug that meant that bot clubs only had their name set on their squad but not their club


  • Fixed layout errors on stadium editor related to Turbo

  • Implemented fragment caching on employee search results

  • Fixed more bugs in the notification dropdown, which occurred on a few pages


  • Upgraded Turbo to latest version


  • Set up a dedicated websocket server for use in production

  • Switched to using AnyCable, which is a faster websocket implementation to support Turbo Streams

  • Implemented a hidden chat feature to gather experience with Turbo Streams


  • Fixed a problem with form analysis for clubs who train twice in the same day according to their own time zone (when it is different from CET). The results are now added together instead of one of them disappearing.


  • Fixed a number of bugs in the notification dropdown

  • Rewrite of notification dropdown to use Turbo Frames

  • Removed use of jQuery on the notification dropdown


  • Made notification dropdown work on Turbo Drive pages


  • Activated Turbo Drive on navigation om /employees and /employees/search

  • Employee stats in search are delivered as plain HTML and old JS rendering script removed

  • Activated Turbo Drive on navigation from /sponsorships to /sponsorship_offers in order to test the integration in production

  • Integrated Turbo and Stimulus with selective activation of Turbo Drive

  • Upgraded asset pipeline to use esbuild, yarn and others