The Cock And Hens


Club name The Cock And Hens
Manager Thomas Walker
Vifa rank #259232 (Vifa points: 5919)
Training facilities Standard training facility1
Physio facilities Physiotherapists
Total player value 254,958 C
Last online About 19 hours ago

Match statistics

Form: L-L-W-D-W-W-D-L-L-W

Matches 17
Undefeated 0
Friendlies 0
Wins 6
Draws 3
Defeats 8

Top scorers

Edgardo Quer 9 goals
Peter Morse 4 goals
Rodney Saddleton 3 goals
Kiril Panagoulias 3 goals
Damiano Napolitano 0 goals
Sean Mcinnes 0 goals
Anemias Mano 0 goals