Fusk Of United


Club name Fusk Of United
Manager Y. Shaker
Vifa rank #281Change down-2 (Vifa points: 67524)
Training facilities World class training facility5Gold
Physio facilities Specialists
Total player value 38,104,000 C
Last online 38 minutes ago

Match statistics

Form: W-W-W-W-W-D-L-W-D-D

Matches 27
Undefeated 6
Friendlies 0
Wins 12
Draws 10
Defeats 5

Top scorers

Fabian Lundh 14 goals
Rodolf Blank 12 goals
Antero Burgos 8 goals
Kalyna Katarina Koshka 2 goals
Sukhbaatar Mishigdorj 0 goals
Isaac Baboor 0 goals
Victor Mahler 0 goals