Division 3, Group 2


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Time Home team   Away team
Yesterday, 23:30 Sydfyens FF 1 - 0 Snorkil FC
Today, 00:20 Sydfyens FF 1 - 3 FC Elsinore
Today, 01:35 Tved Boldklub 2 - 1 Hammershøj IF
Today, 07:10 FC Elsinore Preview AC Groth
Today, 07:25 Theoldboyz Preview Fongyllen rangers
Today, 10:25 Fusk Of United Preview FC Elsinore
Today, 10:30 BryggerenFC Preview Win win
Today, 10:35 Fongyllen rangers Preview Snorkil FC
Today, 10:55 VGH Preview Theoldboyz
Today, 12:15 BryggerenFC Preview FC Brunello
Today, 12:55 FC Elsinore Preview KHP esbjerg
Today, 12:55 Fusk Of United Preview Sonic United
Today, 13:50 Fongyllen rangers Preview BryggerenFC
Today, 13:50 Theoldboyz Preview FC Elsinore
Today, 13:50 Win win Preview Tved Boldklub
Today, 14:15 Fusk Of United Preview Hammershøj IF
Today, 14:25 FCGURU Preview Tved Boldklub
Today, 14:45 Sonic United Preview KHP esbjerg
Today, 14:55 Tved Boldklub Preview Fongyllen rangers
Today, 16:10 Snorkil FC Preview VGH
Today, 16:45 KHP esbjerg Preview BryggerenFC
Today, 17:20 Hammershøj IF Preview VGH
Today, 17:20 AC Groth Preview Sydfyens FF
Today, 17:50 Win win Preview FCGURU
Today, 18:00 KHP esbjerg Preview FC Brunello
Today, 18:35 KHP esbjerg Preview Sydfyens FF
Today, 18:55 Hammershøj IF Preview Theoldboyz
Today, 19:20 VGH Preview FC Brunello
Today, 19:30 FCGURU Preview AC Groth
Today, 20:05 Theoldboyz Preview Sonic United
Today, 20:15 Fongyllen rangers Preview FCGURU
Today, 21:05 AC Groth Preview Fusk Of United
Today, 22:05 Win win Preview Sonic United
Today, 22:05 Snorkil FC Preview FCGURU
Today, 22:15 Sydfyens FF Preview Win win
Today, 22:15 FC Brunello Preview Fusk Of United