Rolf Bergström


Rolf began his career in the lowly non-league of a Bavarian town league. As a player he was a no nonsense centre half, rising to play for 2 top teams in SV Hamburg and Kaiserslautern. Injury to his left leg in a cup game against Dutch team AZ Alkmaar forced retirement at only 29, after which Rolf dedicated himself to coaching.

With Rolf at the helm, Newcastle U FC has (rather impressively!) been one of the most successful, rapid rising teams in the whole VM universe - at one time one of only 2 teams established since mid 2013 to have risen so high (inside the top 10, May 2017) in the overall rankings.

Although German by birth, Rolf took Danish citizenship on January 22nd 2020 after he suspected it may improve his career prospects. Carola was surprised but was fine with the arrangement.
Sex Male
Country Denmark
Age 57
Time since registration Almost 7 years ago