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Decided to go Premium on the 22-07-14 signed up for a 6 month trial period to see if my team will improve on and off the field to play in Division 4.

Update on 7th Jan 2015

Renewed my premium subscription after enjoying the extra benefits it brought to my club. Enjoy the development of players side of the game and finding players with some potential to train up which other clubs seem to miss. My next goal is to upgrade to L.T F which is likely by the end of Feb 15 with the aim of training better players through player sales and to progress to E.T.F by the end of the year, however hoping to find some super wonderkids along the way but will not bank on that ..Edit ( it never happened. )

Update 21st Jan 2015.

The Coptic Titans welcome the move to new Training Facility (LTF) ahead of the original schedule, however, key players have left the club on transfers to fund this update. In a press release, the chairman said we have limited funds to strengthen the squad but the direction is to try to produce our players in the long term.

Update on 2nd Feb 2015

The Club stated the Stadium Development The Main Stand Should have been open for the New Season however the building contractors are working hard to recover lost time and the first 3 home games this stand will be closed. The Board would like to apologise to season ticket holders and fans for the delay and the increase in ticket prices to offset this building programme.

Update on 21st Feb 2016

Since the last update, the club as obtained expanded training facility somewhere along the way and upgraded physio to a specialist.

As from the 21st Feb 2016 the club are extremely pleased to announce that a "Professional" Training Facility has been obtained with a balance of 15 million carried forward for youth development at future date, In the meantime, the standard of football will decline during this process and fans should expect two further relegations before the plan is executed in full, on the part we have reduced admission prices and implemented free away travel to all fans.

Update on 6th August 2016

Team shaping up better than expected after the last update the temporary older youths have matured into half decent players and holding there own in the top 8 of Division 3 in France and finally Broke into the top 1000 teams yesterday for the first been close before but always sold up to upgrade facilities.
The step up to W.C.F is vast and presently no idea of making it due to transfer market being flat with a slight chance of making a decent return nevertheless a plan is needed my team of 15 yrs old after the update now aged between 19-22 is shaping up nicely and should be good profits when they reach 24. So until then I will chill and try to rake in gate receipts selling out most games .......

Update on 18th August 2016

Two significant changes since last update the club as broken the 5,000 supporters barrier and somehow obtained a "professional " status for the first time.

Update on 11th September 2016

The title now securely obtained for France Division 3 group 4 a first at this level, the board I have made a statement regarding life in Division 2 " we are under no circumstances going on a spending spree due to a poor balance sheet the upkeep of wages and stadium have eaten up profits and have posted a loss for season again even when relatively successful on the pitch. The only goal the board has set the manager is not to finish last next season.

Update on Ist October 2016

The team now ranked 482 the first time into the top 500 achieved, on the pitch team stand a chance of staying in Division 2 group 2 France.

Update on 16th January 2017

Finally the club as the necessary finances to facilitate the purchase of a world-class training facility funded by the sale of previous years player intake in two stages with the first on October 16 and the second on January 17. This as left the club a float of 10 million after a new player recruitment drive.

Update on 19th March 2019
After a two year sabbatical away from the game, The returning Titans are proud to announce a large scale upgrade to its stadium increasing capacity from 20,000 to 53,800. This leaves one main stand to complete the stadium bowl at its present structure and is scheduled for redevelopment sometime this September.

Update on 21st June 2019

On the 19th June, a new record attendance of 23,653 vs Hells Arena netting 118,265c since the stadium redevelopment resulting in a surprising 2-1 victory for the Titans against the table toppers. This surely will be beaten as there is a double spectator weekend this week.

Mini Update on 23rd June 2019

Saturday 22nd June - new attendance record of 47,651 vs Adalen BK with gate receipts of 238,255 saw a convincing 5-0 victory to the Titans.

Update on 1st September 2019

The planned schedule of the completion of the stadium bowl as been cancelled. The funds set aside for this have been diverted for the funding of a second smaller stadium with a decent pitch when the governing bodies require a separate stadium and implement a new league structure for youth squads.
Since the last update the club as changed direction by selling its main team to prepare for youth squads. the average age of the first team is now 24 with a further team of youths 15-16 purchased during August these players are probably the best youths the club as had to develop to become the next first-team during early 2020.

Update on 10th November 2019

After months of inactivity on the transfer market, two important players have parted company with the club after the target price on the transfer list was achieved. This has come as a surprise to the manager and as called for an emergency meeting with the chairman in the next week. Also, two fringe youths left the club bringing in a total 14,009,909 compared with a total transfer outlay for this season of 4,506,065. this leaves the club with a dilemma on the way forward in the coming seasons.

Update on 12th November 2019.

A snap decision was made after a rather nice bottle of wine to finish the stadium bowl increasing capacity to 64,000 at the cost of 12 m.

Update on 17th November 2019.

Following the unauthorized Stadium Upgrade by the chairman without the consent of the board an emergency full board meeting was undertaken which resulted in a total reconstruction of the first team with only two players remaining due to longer contracts.

The revenue raised this season of 41,084,451 with 2 players remaining. The replacement players aged between 22- 23 yrs old are a temporary stopgap and should be good enough for the division costing 12,487,722 which enables the manager total freedom in the transfer market by allowing him to instantly dismiss players if a better replacement is found going cheaply.

Update on 7th December 2019

After a formidable scout report, the Titans have today smashed the record fee paid for a player by paying 15,200.001 credits on a freshly created goalkeeper talent the previous highest transfer paid was 8,345,610 for current youth team D.C Batar Namkhainyamuu.
So we welcome Alios Hospodar from the Czech Republic is current value stands at 3.247 before the Sunday update and afterwards valued at 7,010,000 with just one train at the titans

Update on 19th January 2020.

Here At Titans HQ, the first landmark update of the new decade is that the clubs player value as soared to a new record by smashing through the 200 million barrier for the first time it now stands at 221,086,000 the next target set by the board is 250 million if we can hold unto our players in the next 8 weeks.

Update on 1st March 2020.

As predicted in the previous update the total player value of club now stands at 255,494.160 which is not likely to increase significantly until we have a youth team.

Update on 9th March 2020

Today the mood inside Titans H.Q is of utter contempt TOWARDS the people who are responsible for the fazing in of youth squads. My team ( 30 players ) who have just two players over 22 both of whom have just turned 23 recently have not been granted a place again whilst teams who can only muster 15 or so players get a youth squad. The club applied at the first instance and believe this a deliberate exercise in denying excess to a youth squad.
This refusal to grant a youth squad is making life difficult as we cannot implement our plan which now has been torn up by selling for the first time a 15yr old youth Lyron Kremer position Midfield Right of at least formidable prospect who was acquired by the recruitment team for 10 million and sold for a club-high of 20 million this is seen of little reward by the board who are seriously questioning the continuation of the club beyond the next month.

Update on 22nd March 2020

The Titans acquired a youth club which went onto win the title for Division 6 group 7 on their Debut season. The manager and board found very little information regarding the structure of having a Youth Squad the chairman Stated we have made some fundamental mistakes in restructuring the club at very short notice however as a club we now embrace the changes if certain recommendations are implemented.

After a passionate boardroom discussion regarding the development of a separate youth stadium, it was agreed that stadium as a capacity 5,400 seats with a level 4 pitch costing the club 3,624,400 credits to be completed during the 2020-13 season shows the ambition of the club to build a solid foundation for the future.
Meanwhile, the first team are now a division 3 side who are still a young side all 23 or younger with the exceptions of cheap squad fillers of some potential but lacking stats aged under 25 brought in to help maintain energy levels of the key player by playing the games the club are unlikely to win.

Update on 25th March 2020.

During the upgrading of the youth stadium once the work was completed and signed off the board reconsidered the pitch surface and immediately asked the contractors to install a brand new level 5 pitch costing the club a further 4,500,000 credits bringing the total investment 8,124,400 credits into the rebranded Titans "Platonic Akadimia" Stadion.

Update on 1st April 2020.

An emergency board meeting has been called for 3rd April 2020 at Titans HQ .

Update on 13th April 2020.

This evening the club sold super youth MC Veysel Sadiqov to Kjobenhavns BoldKub for a club-record fee of 36,925,001 credits.
Also on a busy day a Titans H.Q the board sanctioned the upgrading of the pitch at The youth "Platonic Akadimia Stadion " at the cost of 10,000,000 credits bringing the total expenditure of this facility to a staggering 18,124,400 credits with no further updates planned.

More news concerning stadium upgrades this time to the main stadium, two new stands at the North End behind the goal and North East Corner has been commissioned costing the club a further 46,500,000 credits increasing the capacity to 74,300 seats.

Update on 29th April 2020

Since the last update, the club as decided that the game causes more pain than joy which as resulted in all the playing and coaching staff to be sold or dismissed
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