My silver stars that I trained up from their very 1st trainings smiley:
Oscar De Brys
Enjar Hock Michaelsen

Highest Vifa Rank: 56

Highest League Finish: Die Bundesliga 6th - Season 2011-03, 2011-06

DFB-Pokal Cup Record: Runner-Up - Season 2011-05, Seasin 2011-09

Newcomers Challenge Record: Round 10 - Season 2010-04

Most Supporters: 19005

Highest Training Average:4.89

Most Money at a Time: 50,563,623 Credits - 21/11/10

Balance when I returned to the game in 2012: 24,079,392 Credits

Training Ground Upgrades:-
Small Training Ground - 25/02/09
Training Ground - 10/06/09
Large Training Ground 12/06/09
Expanded Training Ground 23/07/09
Advanced Training Ground 01/11/09
Training Facility 28/11/09
Large Training Facility 19/08/10

Logo 1: Logo 2: Logo 3:

Seeing as I have now been on the game five months, I thought that the time had come for me to actually write a proper profile.

I thought that, but I couldn't be asked to, so it's still this dull boring place it always was...with a flagcounter at the bottom so I know how many people have visited my profile since the 10th May smiley

The very bottom one is there so I can keep track of how many people's time I've wasted by them reading these messages smiley

Thank you. That will be all.

Sex Male
Country England
Age 26
Time since registration Almost 12 years ago