To access the Virtual Managers forums you should click the menu option Community.
This is where you will find all the official forums that are kept up to date by Virtual Manager and its staff.
It is possible to change between the international and danish forums by clicking the Switch language and choose a different language.
The forums are moderated by the volunteer moderating staff.

Its advisable to read the guidelines and rules before using them.
Danish: Retningslinjer for anvendelse af forum
International: International Forum Rules

In the sidebar you have access to the following:

  • Officielle forums - Leads to the official forums.
  • Latest Posts - Gives you access to view recent threads with a new post.
  • The user's forums - Here you can access other user's forums. The most popular forums are shown on the page. Its possible to search for other forums by using the search function.
  • My topics - This shows a list of all threads that you have created.
  • My forums - Here you can see your own forums and a list of which forums you are a moderator for. This is also where you can create your own forums.
  • Favorite forums - Gives you a list of all the forums you have marked as your favourites. To add a favourite forum click the Add to favourites button. To remove it again click the Remove from favourites.

Note: Forums that have been inactive for a longer period will be deleted. If you still use a forum that is inactive, you can ask the crew to keep it live instead of it being deleted.