When a match is to be played, the match executer will first check both teams' players and tactics. If one of the teams has less than eight players the opposing team wins 3 - 0 without a match being played.
If the home team has a valid tactic, and the opposing team does not, the home team will get compensated. The compensation will amount to the average entry fees from the last season.

If both teams have under 8 players the match will end 0-0.

When the match executer has made sure that there are enough players on both teams it will find tactics for both teams. It will start with the first tactic on the tactics page. The used tactic for each match can be changed under the coming matches in the Sqauds menu point.

If there are not enough players in the tactic the match executer will try to create a 4-4-2 formation. This formation is filled out with random players from the club. As a result, this tactic is rarely a good option and you should therefore always make sure to have a valid default tactic.