Players can achieve a number of different "descriptions". These descriptions indidates, that at a player is special in some way. There are four different descriptions:

  • Talent: Youth players with a high potential get this description. The description is given to players who train well in their young years. Talents have a blue dot with a "T" next to their name.
  • Wonderkid: This description is given to the world best players aged 17 to 22. Wonderkids have a green dot with a "W" next to their names.
  • Class player: Players who need the final improvement to become world class players. Class players have a silver star next to their name.
  • World class player: The best players in the game are given this description. World class players have a golden star next to their name.

Please notice: The reason a player gets the description wonderkid, class player or world class player, is that he is among the best X percent of the game within one of the three categories. If a player looses his description, this is not due to him becoming a poorer player - he has simply been overhauled by other players.

Descriptions are updated once a day.