Players have the ability to achieve certain distinctions. These distinctions indicate that a player is special. There are 4 different distinctions for players.

Talent Talent: Assigned to young players who have a high potential over a certain threshold, and have trained a minimum of 5 times, and are a maximum of 18 years old. The training average has to be over a certain level.
Wonderkid Wonderkid: This distinction is given out to the best 17 to 22 year old players.
Class player Class player: Players that are just short of the "World class player" will get this distinction.
World class player World class player: The absolute best players in the game receive this distinction.

Note: To get the distinction "Wonderkid", "Class player" or "World class player" it is required that the player is among the X% best players in their respective position. A player can loose his distinction again. That just means that another player has become better.

The distinctions update every day at around 13:00 (GMT).