Your stadium is one of your club's most important sources of income. Each home match you play, you will receive income from selling tickets. The number of spectators who want to buy entrance tickets will be impacted by the following:

  • Amount of supporters in your fan club
  • Amount of supporters in your opponents fan club
  • Your ticket pricing

Note: There can be a daily variation on the precise number of spectators.

Ticket price
The cheaper your tickets are, the more people will come to watch the match. As a rule of thumb it is best to keep the price as low as possible. However, if your stadium is filling up with spectators, it might be worth putting up the price a level higher to maximize your income.

It might be a good idea to experiment with different ticket prices. If you want to see an estimation of how many spectators you will get, you can go to a home match Preview, that has not been played yet. Under the image of your stadium you can see the estimated number of spectators. Change the ticket price to see the effect on the number of spectators

If your stadium cannot hold all your spectators it might be worth upgrading your stands. You will lose out on a lot of Credits if you lose the income of all the excess fans that cannot come in to watch your match.

A stadium has 8 stands:

  • 2 short stands
  • 2 long stands
  • 4 corner stands

The capacity is all the stands combined. However, if you are upgrading or repairing a stand at the time of a home match the seats it holds will not be available.
Upgrading a stand will give a higher amount of seats, a higher amount of seats will allow for more spectators, which in turn can bring in more Credits per match.

Stand upgrades
Stadium Stands

Note: The price is per stand and the price "In total" is the total price to upgrade the entire level.

An upgrade takes time to do. The bigger the upgrade, the longer it will take. In the upgrade time you will not be able to use the stand and amount of seats will be lowered. For example, it is not advisable to upgrade a stand right before a home field match, as you will loose out on income.

Note: It is possible to complete an upgrade with the use of VM Tickets.

It is also possible to upgrade your pitch. Each upgrade of the pitch lowers the chances of your players getting injured.
Each level provides a 2% reduction. A level 6 pitch will reduce your players' chances of getting injured by 10%.

Stand Condition
When your stands average conditions get below 80% you will start getting progressively fewer spectators to your matches.