Virtual Manager Manual
Scouts will help you find young players with a promising future. Your job is to dispatch your scouts to different league around the world. The scouts' job is to find the most interesting youth players in these leagues. When there research are done they return with a report. Virtual Manager Premium is required to use a scout.

To visit your scouts click Trade > Scout. If you have no scouts in your staff, you will be redirect to the staff search page.

On the scout page you will see an overview of your scouts and your completed scout reports. To dispatch a scout click the blue arrow next to his name.

Now you must define what country and what divisions your want the scout to observe. After choosing a country you can add and remove divisions. For each division you must select a number of groups you want to observe. The maximum number of observable groups is determined by the scout's discipline.

The more groups you define, the more players will be observed and the more imprecise will the report become. If you choose fewer group your scout will observe fewer players, but the report will in return be more precise (that is, more registered training passes per player). This is due to the fact, that the more players a scout must observe the higher is the probability that he will miss a given training pass. Besides, this probability is also determined by the scout's discipline and potential assessment.

You must also define the duration of the research. The more days, the more precise results. If you choose few days the scouts will not gather that much data. You can also define maximum age and value.

Lastly, press "Dispatch" to dispatch the scout. The scout will hereafter try to observe as many youth players' training passes as possible in the leagues you have defined.

Below the list of inactive scouts, you will se a list of busy scouts (if you have any). On this list it is shown when a scout is done with his report.

When the scout is done with his work a report containing his results will appear on the list of completed reports. In the report the scout has ranked a number of players. The actual number of players is determined by the discipline of the scout. To the right in the report you can see how many potential points each player has been giving by the scout. The scout must take the players' club's training facility into account when assessing these points. Scouts with a low potential assessment ability are bad at this, so the rankings may be blurry. Luckily, you can checkout the players manually to find out whether he's worth an investment.