You have the ability to create adjustment that will happen during a match. This could be for example to substitute a player when you have played 65 minutes of a match. It could also be to change the tempo of your team, for example when you are leading with 2 goals or more.

Adjustment 1

Every condition you've set must be met in order for an adjustment to be carried out.

Note also that all of the actions in one adjustment must be able to be carried out, in the order they are set in. If any one of them cannot carried out, none of them will!

Adjustment 2

As shown above, if you have 2 substitutions in one adjustment and the first player is no longer in the reserves, the other substitutions in that adjustment will not go through.
In this example if the player Hickey is not a substitute any more and cannot come in, then the subsequent substitutions will also fail.

Following this example it is a good idea to have one substitution per adjustment, as seen below. Fruytiers will come in as intended, but Hickey will still fail.

Adjustment 3