Substitution rules

Substitution rules give you fine-grained control of substitutions during matches.

You can choose which players to substitute in or out, in which minute to perform the substitution, and during which circumstances.

Common pitfalls

  • You can only perform 3 substitutions per match, even though you can set up more substitution rules. If you have more than three rules, then only the 3 earliest occurring, valid rules will be performed.
  • Rules with times above 85 minutes will only be valid if the match goes into overtime beyond 90 minutes, such as in cup games. If the match does not go into overtime, these substitutions will never be performed.
  • Players who are injured or suspended when the match is played, will obviously not be substituted in. Therefore, any substitution rules in which they are named will not be performed.
  • When a players leaves your club due to sale or retirement, every substitution rule in which he is named, will be deleted. So, remember to adjust your tactic when players leave your club.
  • Players who have already been on the pitch once during the match, can obviously not be substituted in again. Be careful not to make substitution rules that would put the same player on the pitch more than once, since they will be invalid and never be performed.


Instead of choosing a particular player as a substitute in or out, you can ask the system to pick one automatically. In this case, some special rules apply.

Automatic substitute out, with named substitute in

In this case, the system will try to take out the most tired player among the ones who are placed in the rows of the pitch corresponding to the favourite placement of the player you picked as the substitute in. So, if the substitute in is a midfielder, the system will take out the most tired player from the middle 4 rows of the pitch. If there are no players in any of these rows, the substitution will not be performed.

Automatic substitute in, with named substitute out

In this case, the system will put in the first reserve from the reserve row corresponding to the pitch placement of player you picked to be substituted out. So, if the player who is to be substituted out is placed in one of the top 3 rows on the pitch, then his replacement will be picked from the Forward reserves. Of course, the reserves must not be injured or suspended. If there are no valid reserves for the placement in question, then the substitution will not be performed.

Both automatic substitution in and substitution out

In this case, the system will cycle through all the players on the pitch, starting with the most tired, in order to pick the player who will be substituted out. This continues until a suitable reserve is found for the placement of the tired player being considered. If the most tired player on the pitch is place in the defense, then the system will look for a reserve among the Defender reserves. If there are no Defender reserves, then the system will instead try to take out the next-most tired player on the pitch. When a matching substitute out and substitute in is found, then the substitution will be performed.