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Kingstown Bulldogs Premium_small (Santana Duplanti) 20 June 2019, 20:18
Iivo Liski has been named Captain and Free Kicker.

Iivo Liski was bought by the Bulldogs from Rags To Riches for 124,999 C.

Owner Jackie expreesed concern though, saying "Although he's good he's getting to that age. I believe he will retire fairly soon, and it will be VERY unfortunate for us. I'm hopeing we can get him to extend his stay for a year or two."

We looked at the stats for Iivo Liski and determined that he would most likely retire very soon.

Kingstown Bulldogs Premium_small (Santana Duplanti) 20 June 2019, 20:30
Recent transfers and contracts are costing the Bulldogs. When asked about these, Owner Jackie replied "It's being taken care of." We don't think so. Just this season they have lost over 417,000 C. Longwell shrugged it off and told reporters to "Stay out of my business. If I have something to tell you I will." We believe all of their money goes to the staff. Tony Vande Wheatley gets over 6,000 C per day. which is the highest of all staff/players on the team.

Rompmonsters Premium_small (Andy) 23 June 2019, 16:16
Summary of business for the club as they start fresh running on just league income alone

Lokomotive Bryggen Premium_small (Sepp Piontek) 25 June 2019, 12:51
Lokomotive Bryggen have held their first ever press conference:

Rompmonsters Premium_small (Andy) 7 July 2019, 11:52

The club continues to grow slowly, targeting promotion within 3 seasons

Adrianopol FC Premium_small (Adrian) 17 July 2019, 11:45
Adrianopol FC wrote:
Two new press releases:

First season in 3rd Div, part 1: Financials

Upgraded TF: Advanced training ground

This season:
Upgrades -5,000,000 C