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FC Viitorul Constanta (Gheorghe Hagi) 24 November 2020, 19:52
Celebrations all around!!

In what was a surprise news, the team finished the last season on the 1st place, securing promotion to 1st division and the 500k bonus that comes for this ranking.
This seems to come at an exceptional moment in time, and it seems the stars are aligned for our manager since it's also his birthday. To we celebrate it in style the Board has approved an additional 20M expansion of the stadium:

Stadium expansion
24 November 2020, 13:06
-8,000,000 C
Stadium expansion
24 November 2020, 11:15
-12,000,000 C


FC Viitorul Constanta (Gheorghe Hagi) 2 January 2021, 23:00

Happy(?) New Year 2021!!

Our club was long overdue for a press conference but with the 2020 reaching an end a lot of planning was done for the forthcoming year and we didn't have time to celebrate a great year that will surely remain in our club's history, after reaching the WCTF milestone and upgrading stadium to 57.800 places.

The Season, 2020-51 we've switched leagues, choosing Italy as destination and we were placed in 1st division where we managed to secure only the 15th place. There was a reward for reaching this division, that we hoped we could achieve if not in the first season in the following 3-4:
Reward for achieving an objective.
16 December 2020, 07:01
1,750,000 C

First Senior Cup Final!

Not only that, but we've managed to reach the Italy Cup Final for the first time with the Senior team.


FC Viitorul Constanta (Gheorghe Hagi) 15 February 2021, 14:48
A season to remember
Wow, what a season it has been!!
Started with strong performance seeing us in top 3 for quite a long streak then dropping a few places then again reaching 3rd place until the last day where we didn't manage even a point (had a red card and a suspended DL for the remaining matches) so eventually we dropped to 6th place.

Stardawg FC (Nick Kush) 20 February 2021, 00:43

Stardawg FC - First Ever (Almost) End of Season Update

*Inebriation may have been a factor when writing this*

FC Viitorul Constanta (Gheorghe Hagi) 22 February 2021, 23:59
LVL5 Stadium completed & Season 2021_07 review

Season 2021-07 was a good one for our club, seeing us well above the targeted 11th place for the sponsorship bonus, we ended the season on the 9th place.
After 3 seasons in Italy, starting at 12th place and moving up to 6th place before switching leagues last season, we have a good base for future success in top division which was further improved this past season.