Banner and Logo please

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Lord Simmeh FC (Stephen Haresign) 14 February 2018, 23:04
I would like a banner and logo which will have the team name 'Rawkus Demons' because i will soon change it to this. I would like the shape to be a circle which has a green inner circle and black outer circle. The centre circle would be ideal if it had some sort of demonic creature in the middle. To finish off it requires est 2012 at the bottom. Anyone help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Rängers Football Club (Paul K) Moderator 14 February 2018, 23:19
Rule 6: You can only request a logo or banner for the club name you have right now.
If you are about to change your club name, you have to wait until you HAVE changed your club name. If you are looking for a logo or banner with other text than your current club name, it will be locked.