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No Pukki No Party (Farkelife) 24 January 2019, 00:58
Israel wrote:
Ah yes, the realisation of the things that are apparent around me. My teachers always said that it was a skill that I lacked and one that I should to pay more attention to.
Clearly your teachers were right, because you clearly do lack that skill.

Jerusalem Premium small (Gil) 24 January 2019, 01:04
Thanks for all your help! Hopefully I’ll stop personally killing all those kids and take a long hard look at myself and what I want to be. Thanks again smiley

No Pukki No Party (Farkelife) 24 January 2019, 01:14
I never said you personally did it, I said you supported it. Which makes you a scumbag.

The Quakers Premium small (Goodbye vm) StaffModerator 24 January 2019, 05:22