Welcome back after 3 years

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Understated Excellence Premium_small (understated) 5 February 2019, 22:53
Catch yerself on

Understated Excellence Premium_small (understated) 10 February 2019, 15:47
Is he definitely back?

Rhythm FC (MMM) 10 February 2019, 16:25
Gone too soon smiley

The Goon Squad Premium_small (Sixteen Hours Daily) 10 February 2019, 18:14
Seems he may have changed his mind must have come on for a week just looking around to see how the game is and what's what how it works what's changed I didn't like what he sees

Arsenäl FC Premium_small (Finto) StaffModerator 10 February 2019, 21:59
Probably saw you were still here Vinny and that was enough for him to go again.

Darwin Evolution (Zoob) 11 February 2019, 00:38
What he probably saw was similar to what I saw after 2+ year break.

Very little change, much fewer players and a paradigm shift that was borne out of good intentions (stop all the best football players being 34+ yrs old) but accidentally broke the game economy.

Secondary effect of this is that it's now impossible to progress without Premium. At least before, you could have a run of things with older players who were still at the top of their game and whose skills and value didn't drop.