Game Specific Tactics

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The Dude Army Premium_small (Gil) 8 February 2019, 18:01
Is there a way to adjust tactics just for one game without making 6 different tactics?

Whilst I can see how 6 tactics should cover all grounds, sometimes for a particular team you need to something differently and if you have quite a few of those in a row and want to tailor each game you can't.

Apologies if this type of system already exists and I've just missed it.

If not, what do you guys think?


Phoenix Rising (Adam Carter) 8 February 2019, 22:39
Go to adjustments in your tactics and make an "If This then do that".

The Dude Army Premium_small (Gil) 9 February 2019, 00:32
That’s not game specific tho

There is a way to do it.

But I'll let you figure it out.

The Dude Army Premium_small (Gil) 9 February 2019, 23:57
Honestly why is everyone a dick on this

Arsenäl FC Premium_small (Finto) StaffModerator 10 February 2019, 01:06 Change Tactic A to B or whatever way you have set up your formation on the tactics page that you want to use.

Israel wrote:
Honestly why is everyone a dick on this
Says the guy who supports genocide and the murder of children?

I'd rather be a d**k on here than support your disgusting views thanks.

You're entitled to your opinion by the way, but if you choose to broadcast them in such a manner then you should fully expect people to express their own views in response.

You can't be sour about people treating you like a d**k if you broadcast an opinion that makes it clear you are one.

Bolton Wanderers Premium_small (Paul) StaffCrew 10 February 2019, 13:22
There's a time and place to discuss Middle Eastern politics and The I/D forum isn't it. Please stay on topic people and refrain from name calling and personal attacks smiley

Understated Excellence Premium_small (Understated) 10 February 2019, 16:48
Israel wrote:
Honestly why is everyone a dick on this
Temper Temper

Best way to get help on forum is to be polite.