Anyone been to China?

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Going to China for the first time in the summer.

Got 5 days in Beijing, 4 days in Cheng Du and 11 in Shanghai (Partner's aunt lives there so needs to be the longer stop).

Itinerary so far:

Beijing: Great Wall, Tiannamen Sq, Forbidden Palace

Cheng Du Pandas, Leshan Giant Buddha

Shanghai See family, 2 or 3 day trip to Zhangjiajie (mountains that inspired Avatar), Hangzhou/West Lake, Maybe one of the water towns, Shanghai sights like the Bund etc

My question is - what am I missing? Is there something that is a must see? We're not going to make it X'ian or Three Gorges Dam etc this time - Those 3 locations are locked in with flights and accomodation booked, so is there anything not currently on my itinerary around Beijing, Chengdu or Shanghai that anyone would recommend?

Bolton Wanderers Premium_small (Paul) StaffCrew 7 June 2019, 13:53
upload some photos of the sights if you can please smiley should be a great trip

SuDoku AFC Premium_small (Howard Garns) StaffCrew 8 June 2019, 02:38
Ok. So, I'm jealous already.
You can keep your "Sun, Sea & Sand" holidays for other folks.
I'd want to be going places not many others do.

I had a friend many years ago who went to Nepal, and I was jealous then. (and still am).

When I then got the chance to go to Poland (before The Wall came down), I jumped at it, and have never regretted that visit.

I've been sort of half offered a visit to Hong Kong - with some Chinese neighbours, but it's not happened yet, and I doubt it ever will.

Enjoy Tom, memories to last a lifetime from this smiley

Food is great in China, just be careful of what you do there. Enjoy your trip as a fellow Asian.

If you had the time, you should have also visited Hong Kong. Great metropolis that mixes both Western and Eastern cultures.

Closest we’ll be to Hong Kong is 1200 miles away in Shanghai. It’s a 3 hour flight and just can’t fit it in. We plan to go back once the restoration works are finished on the terracotta warriors to see them and some of the bits we won’t get to this time (hanging monastery, Tibet, three gorges etc). I guess Hong Kong will fit on that itinerary.

We’re both geography teachers so far more attuned to seeing stuff and going to different places rather than just beach holidays.

Bolton Wanderers wrote:
upload some photos of the sights if you can please smiley should be a great trip
Will do mate

The Goon Squad Premium_small (Vinny) 9 June 2019, 16:25

the heebie jeebies Premium_small (dudey) 11 June 2019, 20:33
If its Geography you are looking for.....

Rice Terraces @ Long Sheng
Glass Bridge (is that at Tiger Leaping mountains?)
Yangtze River cruise
Guizhou Waterfall
Huashang Plank of Death (but dont take that personally !!)

Thanks for suggestions but pretty sure none of them are near Beijing, Shanghai or Chengdu which are the places we're going. With a two year old in tow, we can't deviate too much from that.