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Maskarmy (Swag noob) 13 August 2019, 13:00
Hi people

I just want to make a few points

What if the new features of the game go to the Vm and the old ones can be for everyone because you are just giving the old valuable stuff that used to be vm. i lot of us would be glad to take. I am someone who doesn't have Vm because of personal reasons but this will make it easier for some user to stay at the game because all they want is a chance to have one of the best teams in the game. So when you guys add something new to Vm. It would nice if we could take the things which used to be Vm only. I understand that the creators would want to make a profit from this which i don't blame. For a working project like this you would like to make a profit for all the work has been put into this piece.

This game has been losing people over the last year or two. Two years ago when i started there would huge auction for basically every player which you would want. Yes this was frustrating sometimes but it made keep going because i loved it. Now teams from like division 6 can have a player worth a half a million! Earlier i saw a division 5 person having million rated player and also how 7 rated teams can be in division 5 . This game is losing its spark and to regain it. You have to be creative. Yes sometimes it might backfire but at least your gonna be trying. I know it would difficult but for you to be a popular game ; you need to catch peoples attention for players to stay you need updates like quite frequently. Every successfully came at its prime was updating like there is no tomorrow.

I love this game but i also want it to be successful and beloved by all and most importantly to keep playing it.

I hope this was useful. I just wanted to get my point through


Maskarmy football team

No Pukki No Party Premium small (Farkelife) 14 August 2019, 08:49
So your point is that you want the benefits of VM Premium without paying for it?

I understand what you're saying, but you're missing a key point - the game needs to make money. To do that, they need people to pay. Yes your idea would probably help retain more non-paying managers. Some managers would probably stop paying as you want to make it all free. That means more people and less money in the game. Not going to end well.

Maskarmy (Swag noob) 14 August 2019, 09:58
I understand your statement about giving us Vm premium things and I fully understand that would make the game less money if you don't add new only vm premium

Maybe you thought i was insisting that the game should be free which i am not saying because that would be selfish idea that would only benefit people who don't have the Vm premium

Sincerely Maskarmy

Man cityx (vinger) 15 August 2019, 15:52
Agree this wouldn't be a bad idea

Whittall United Premium small (Grant) StaffModerator 15 August 2019, 17:45
What you need to remember, is once a feature is no longer used, it is exactly that, not used.
What you're basically requesting is, 2 different games running together, it just isn't gonna work.
Ask yourself, would you work for free, realistically, a person can't live without an income, and the same is for this game, if people can be the best without paying a penny, how long do you think this game will survive?

Not a great idea in my opinion.