Vman-Licens Pr. Måned / pr. month [Locked]

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Yutani FC Premium small (Kaede Yutani) 28 August 2019, 14:58
I wrote this in danish originally and just kinda forgot its probably english one should adress these things in. But I'm sweaty and sad... I'm lazy... Heres the google translate version...

Since I have just run into the problem of not having money in the account here the last days of the month it annoys me cruelly that vman license is per. 30 days.

In practice, this means that when you pay the 1st of the month, it changes to a calendar date earlier every 2 months approximately.

And you pay right away once you have money again, as it is Satan's torment to wait a week or two to pay vman license as it goes beyond all aspects of the game for you, training, ticket sales.

If nothing else, if it was 31 days, then the payment date went forward rather than backward.


Reach. But we see, salute the grumpy manager who has a few days without vman license: P

Da jeg lige er løbet ind i problemet at jeg ikke har penge på kontoen her de sidste dage i måneden irriterer det mig grusomt at vman-licens er pr. 30 dage.

Det betyder i praksis at når man betaler d. 1 i måneden, så ændrer det sig til en kalender dato tidligere hver 2. måned cirka.

Og man betaler jo med det samme man har penge igen, da det er satans træls at vente en uge eller to med at betale vmanlicens da det går ud over alle aspekter af spillet for dig, træning, billetsalg.

Om ikke andet, hvis det var 31 dage, så skred betalingsdatoen fremad fremfor bagud.


Nå. Men vi ses, hilsen den grumpy manager der har et par dage uden vmanlicens smiley


Perhaps you could make it so that if you're paying for vman license the 1st each month, then add 31 days in months with 31 days, 30 for 30 day months, 28 for February. How many years would it take to actually have a noticeable impact on a players experience or your bank account. And in that case it would be, in the far future, a player lost/gained a month. I dont even know.

But matching the consumers purchase to the month they're purchasing in would be neat and much appreciated. :-)

Whittall United Premium small (Ole Ole Ole) StaffModerator 28 August 2019, 16:14
So you can't save £3 for the end of the month?

Im gonna lock this, it is hard to read it, but if you feel like you can be bothered to post it in readable english, then crack on.