Anyone play football manager?

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Sheffield Hibernian (Dn) 15 September 2019, 20:39
How is your career going?

Fox Valley FC Premium small (Matt Colley) 18 September 2019, 13:49
Into 2030 with chesterfield, won the prem and champions league is separate seasons, currently unbeaten after 23 games, 19 Ws and 4 Ds, can provide screenshots if accused of bs smiley

FC Viitorul Constanta Premium small (Adrian) 31 October 2019, 19:31
I played last year's version. Played until I built the club up and won UCL and hired good staff and then just went on holidays for some seasons. It's what I generally want to do but failed somewhat since I lost the director of foot al which was amazing and played 1-2 seasons without noticing. Then all went downwards and lost interest. But got to top10 clubs worldwide with a club started in 2009, with the same name I play in vman. Maybe I'll continue or buy this year's version. But it sucks that each year you have to pay full price for mostly a skin update and dB update of players.

Sheffield Hibernian (Dn) 2 November 2019, 15:13
Yeah I don't buy it every year. I am still happy with fm18.

Elfrida auston (Elfrida Auston) 5 November 2019, 07:18
Yeah I play its and you can say me and my brother all-time favorite game, I purchased it last week from because I saw discount on there, and I mostly take all my stuff from there because it help me to save my money, so I wait for a year to buy quality stuff from these kinds of sale.

FC Viitorul Constanta Premium small (Adrian) 7 November 2019, 11:21
Sheffield Hibernian wrote:
Yeah I don't buy it every year. I am still happy with fm18.
Yeah, me too. I've restarted playing and won the Europa League in the first season.
With load and save... against Chelsea 3-1 smiley
Just finished the first season with "Viitorul Constanta", and have upgraded training, youth and data analysis facilities.
Hired a bit better coaches and now I have to find 3-4 players for under 7M in total to advance in UCL next season.

Rochdale is force to be reckoned with on my save. Premier league multiple times. Champions league

Still remember championship manager when Everton were made ridiculously better than real life by the Everton fans who made it haha

Force Pompey FC (Liam) 18 November 2019, 01:23
Too busy listening to Tarzan Boy by Baltimora for that these days smiley