What average is a super youth? [Locked on request]

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I have one averaging 236 after 4trains

And what's penalty for not using 20 youth trainer? Kicking myself i moved him to group with 4rated coach for last train

Moved back now

Coptic Titans Premium small (Papyrus Skeptical) 3 November 2019, 15:30
I would say over 230 xp average

Coptic Titans wrote:
I would say over 230 xp average
Pray for ok 5th train then
Value suggests he is

SK Sokol Stary Tekov Premium small (Jurgen Kloppp) 3 November 2019, 23:46
nice value smiley

Need to lock this now.5th train good so auctioning

Arsenäl FC Premium small (Finto) StaffModerator 4 November 2019, 00:27
/Locked on request