Youth Player Face Customisation

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Deleted Club (Deleted Human) 13 November 2019, 21:06
With youth players, you can edit their name, age, etc. But what you can't edit is their looks. At first, you can have some of the ones already used. It can just be like a choose thingy and then the player can be made! So like blue, green, brown eyes and different colour hairs as well. It is like an avatar creator thingy if you know what I mean...?

Also maybe we can have different hairstyles, types of beard but don't rush the development, take your time if we will do it.

It would also be interesting if players hair clours change over time as they could be getting old or maybe their dying it. WOW, I have a lot of ideas!

Don't think it's feasible with the resource VM has

They need to focus on gameplay rather than cosmetic changes unless they are easily achievable