2 Future Gold stars on TL (REDUCED PRICES)

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Both players have been compared with other Transfer listings of similar ages, ratings, abilities to get their asking prices so I won't budge...

24 (28 days)
Abilities 616
Rating 71
Avg training 226

Value 20,600,000
Asking price 25,000,000

Defender Right
24 (14 days)
Abilities 592
Rating 72
Avg training 203

Value 12,200,000 (for some reason he's under the rest despite same stats, and training)
Asking price 15,000,000


Both are good value by TL standards, all cheapest for their age/stats!

Added a 3rd player to the list... All of these players will make it into top league teams starting XI in 3-4 month... Get them while you can!

You know you wanna buy them!


First player sold!

Going on up

Jerome Surin just trained a 353 with me on Hard... How has nobody bought this guy yet...

Going up ^^

Training well, playing well...