My money[locked]

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Fallen Angels (Leader) 11 January 2020, 08:42
I've lost more then 600k because VM took all the money I got from player sales and i'm now in debt of 500k

No Pukki No Party Premium small (Farkelife) 11 January 2020, 10:42
That's what happens when a club that hasn't logged in for 8 months suddenly logs in and empties their bank account buying a worthless player from you for 450k..... making no other transfer

And another one that hasn't logged in for the exact time period (8 months) also suddenly logs in and buys a worthless player from you for 250k.... making no other transfers

And another of the clubs that has bought from you, also hasn't logged on for 8 months but decide to buy a worthless player from you for 750k, also buying a worthless player from a different club for 1.25 million. That club receiving the 1.25 million has already spent 150k of it buying a different worthless player from your team.

So you've had 1.6 million for players that are utterly worthless and cost a combined total of 135C for you to buy. The clubs involved in paying 1.6 million to you have not logged in for 8 months and the last time they logged in was within a week of each other.

It's not hard to figure this out, and I'm surprised you're not 1.6 million in debt because that would be appropriate.

Bolton Wanderers Premium small (Paul) StaffCrew 11 January 2020, 10:58
/Locked not a forum issue, go through support if you feel the penalty is unfair