Shocked at 12m Value

Posted in Player Valuations

Walsall Swifts (Darrell Clarke) 12 January 2020, 20:16
So I have just checked my players values and the following player is now worth 12m credits. I have only trained them twice. Anyone have any idea how much I should put them on auction for? Obviously I will need to train them 3 more times yet and that may change things but I just want a rough idea. TIA.

Bradford P A (michael hirst) 13 January 2020, 13:00
seems like a gift for coming back to game

Walsall Swifts (Darrell Clarke) 13 January 2020, 19:43
A very nice gift yeah haha

Johns Army (John) Moderator 13 January 2020, 22:40
I’d put him somewhat in the 25m area give a few mil or take depends smiley

Walsall Swifts (Darrell Clarke) 14 January 2020, 06:22
Really 25m :O, I was thinking 4 or 5m. how much fee would I have to pay on 25m, I doubt I would be able to afford it

Johns Army (John) Moderator 14 January 2020, 08:16
No fee... just wait for people to bid it or put on auction for 24HRS smiley

Walsall Swifts (Darrell Clarke) 14 January 2020, 08:30
Oh ok thank you smiley

Watton Town Fc (me) 14 January 2020, 21:48
hes worth 40m+