Is this a joke? How is this possible??!

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FC Viitorul Constanta (Gheorghe Hagi) 18 February 2020, 18:15
Understated Excellence wrote:
Big girls don't cry
I'm actually quite amused, just look at this match.

FC Viitorul Constanta (Gheorghe Hagi) 23 February 2020, 13:20
FC Viitorul Constanta wrote:
Understated Excellence wrote:
Big girls don't cry
I'm actually quite amused, just look at this match.
To explain since the match history will be deleted:
Playing away against a team with avg rating of 5, while the reserves team I sent had an overall of 35-40 maybe, won 6-0 despite having received 2 red cards. I understand that there is always a risk to get a red card when using hard tackling, but the "player Ai" that Dennis talked about seems to be missing a key component: evaluation of players rating on the pitch. Why would a player that is faster and better at tackling than the opponents dribbling would engage in a sliding tackle if he can just catch up and do a regular tackling? Also on this topic, why would a midfielder choose to pass to a weaker forward than to a better one? Better players usually get more balls and chances than average one and the passing should take this into account. Between a 45 and a 60+ rated forward there should maybe be a 40-60 chances of ball distribution, not 50-50. Especially when not all the match is simulated but only certain moments. I've noticed this on a lot of match Sims that I watched.
And while I understand the match sim is not perfect and the match was already played by the time its viewed it is actually showing how the action took place.
Dennis described it in a post, but I cannot find it anymore, along with the comment that the player takes some decisions based on some factors that for the moment aren't displayed in the match sim but he will look into adding more perspective on how the match is played and why players took specific actions on the pitch.
I look forward to that enhancement I think it will bring a refresh to the tactical side of the game that I enjoy so much despite my occasional frustrations.
This season was a really good one, where I was actually forced to throw off the last 3 games in order not to promote to 2nd division with a team average of 48 while the other teams in my league had well over 50.
I managed to finish 3rd despite having the 8th/9th team rating/total according to the link you provided: