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The Brahma Bulls (Youll Never Charge Alone) 12 February 2020, 15:29
FC Sunnyvale wrote:
If top clubs were to be forced into lower leagues when they switch, they'd just steamroller over the lower league clubs, which would suck for everyone involved. The stronger clubs would waste their time, and the weaker clubs would be "cheated" out of their winnings, because they keep getting pushed aside by top-tier clubs on their way up.
On flip side less clubs would swap leagues so much as they would lose money I for one don't like the constant messaging from clubs trying to persuade you to change leagues with them just because they want to join a top league that looks more winnable.

Maybe introduce a pricing system based on vifa rank to swap leagues why should it be free to move from England to Brazil?

1 thing that bugs me and I can't see how you can prevent is when you have a player on auction and certain teams won't push they're buddies up so therefore you potentially miss out on what the player is truly worth just to then see that the player is back on auction instantly going for a lot more than you sold him for and it's clear as day they've messaged each other about the deal.

Maybe one way around it is to introduce all bidders are anonymous this will prevent other clubs messaging you adverting their players and then the player you just bought can't be sold till they've had X amount of trains with the new club I understand a lot of people treat this game as a flipping contest but surely the focus shouldn't be just about that.

Couple more things probably mentioned the prize structure in leagues is awful it pays to stay in a league below if you keep finishing 3rd rather than going up just to come back down not an easy fix but surely every finishing position should be rewarded.

Sponsors I rarely bother purely cause I'm lazy but they can be exploited get you rank low buy players that you know will win the league put stupid amount for sponsor to get top spot can make good amount doing this could you not introduce predetermined sponsors 1 with 100% 75% etc chance of signing x base x bonus x bonus requirement (league winner / promotion / mid table / avoid relegation)

Newcastle U FC (Rolf Bergström) 12 February 2020, 15:55
Thank you very much for your reply to my comments, which I am very grateful for, really. But I cannot agree on one important thing with you (we can happily agree and disagree on lots of less important things like league-swapping!)

I know you utterly disagree with me on this, but with all due respect, your are so wrong about this, including legally for reasons I have explained previously, and I suggest you really, properly, have a good long think about this. Talk to people. Please. Your lawyer too if you have one.

I am 100% convinced that as non-Danish players find out that there are Danish-only player aids out there being used to enable Danish-speaking players to gain an advantage, some of them do leave the game, as I have been very tempted to. It concerns me greatly does your consistent refusal to acknowledge that there is anything wrong with this practice - so let me please explain again. There are legal as well as ethical considerations at play.

I wrote:
Ban Danish-language-only player aids that are "officially tolerated/encouraged". If players are producing such mono-language apps to aid only a subset of players, they should be kicked out of the game as its cheating other players who cant use these aids

You replied:
If third-party apps/tools are exploitative or put undue stress on our servers, then we ban the users when we come across them. But, if a tool is perfectly acceptable, then I'm not going to start banning people who make them, for the sole reason that they're only available in Danish, Turkish, Korean or whichever language. When has any game dev ever been successful when they start banning and making legal threats at their most dedicated fans for petty reasons? It always ends up in total disaster. The solution is not to demand banning other VM users left and right, but perhaps to engage with the people who make the tools and suggest an English translation, or working with helpful Danes on the forums to produce a translation sheet or something like that.

Why you are wrong (with all due respect):
These websites carry VM intellectual property
Therefore legally it is assumed they do so with your permission
They effectively enable one nationality of paying customers to have an advantage over others
This is illegal under EU competition law (market partitioning).

OK, so you don't need to ban them but really, you need to either:
Stop them using your IP or
Insist that if they do use your IP, they do not effect partitioning of the market by providing single-language player aids advantaging paying customers speaking one language only.

I don't want you to be sued - you need to protect yourself and this great game that we all love. By continuing to ignore this issue you lay yourself open to difficulties as well as continuing to piss off non-Danish speakers who know they are competing at a disadvantage.


The Dark Carnival (Orzel) 13 February 2020, 00:41

With all due respect, if you're that upset about Danish language "aids" to the game, which can easily be resolved with Google translate by the way, nothing is stopping you learning Danish. You are literally the only person who thinks this is an issue, and my partner is a former solicitor who agrees with most sensible people that you are talking utter nonsense about there being any legal basis to challenge them.

It is nothing to do with market partitioning and to say it is shows you have little comprehension of what you're even arguing. The law is clear(ish) here: - Totally irrelevant to VMan and nothing to do with competitive advantage based on language. No nationality is benefitted anyway even if your made up law was accurate, as Google Translate has been a thing for 15ish years and you're too lazy to learn Danish.

I speak absolutely no Danish. I understand what most of the basic words relevant to this game mean just through osmosis, putting absolutely no effort into learning them. I happily navigate VMAN info by using the Google translate feature (although I can find what I'm looking for on there just using the Danish anyway to be fair).

This is not an issue, never has been and you whining about it 24/7 - usually (although admittedly not in this case) on random, unrelated threads is both tiresome and annoying.

Understated Excellence (Small Potatoes) 13 February 2020, 00:42
Rolf, I agree it isn't inclusive but don't see how action can be taken.

It's kinda of like if your friend offered you advice but didn't offer me, should he be stopped from helping you?

He is right. Network, reach out, use your powers of persuasion to see if they will translate the tool

Can't force people to include you