Final phase: Stress test

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FC Viitorul Constanta (Gheorghe Hagi) 8 October 2020, 09:49
Another week has passed, no updates...
In the meantime I've started going through older blog posts and saw something g interesting that I don't see implemented fully and is worth doing:
b]Facebook Connect[/b]

You will be able to connect your Virtual Manager club with your Facebook account. With a Facebook connection you will be able to get a weekly update on your Facebook wall, for instance when you've won a game. The update will include information about who you've beaten, your position in your league, etc. so that your friends can see what an awesome manager you are smiley

In return for you telling the world how you're doing in Virtual Manager, we will of course reward you with some free days of premium :-)
It would be great to have some stats to share each Sunday before and after season update and changing of seasons.