Looking for new talents with good trains

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Sheffield City afc (Luke Oxley) 31 May 2020, 11:04
I want talents who i can develop on my training level

Arsenäl FC (Finto) Moderator 1 June 2020, 09:22
New talents with only 5 trainings? How much are you willing to spend on "good" talents?

Sheffield City afc (Luke Oxley) 1 June 2020, 09:44
Depends really willing to spend a few M if its right am in the position where i can spend but also saving for next train but youths can help push me to the next training fac

Arsenäl FC (Finto) Moderator 1 June 2020, 10:38
So are you talking about 3/4 million like reasonable potential players or would you be willing to spend bit more for better potential talent players?

Sheffield City afc (Luke Oxley) 1 June 2020, 11:43
Bit of both i guess am trying to find some scouting aswell

Wanyamas in Pyjamas (Oliver Spooner) 2 June 2020, 13:47

Looking to sell if you or anyone else is interested

YCFC (Jack Biggins) 2 June 2020, 14:14
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