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Essex Red Devils (Ryan Eakins) 30 June 2020, 11:29
just looking for a bit of advice really, currently on Large Training Facility 2* gold and got 3.5m in the bank, bought a team to compete and got upto divison 3 but found all my players obviously being old started to retire so sold the remaining and back to square one, should I build a team of young ish players (20-22 yr old) and train them up or should I look for 30-32 yr olds and keep extending their contracts to get the most out of them

Don't go oldies, I've spent the last decade on this game buying oldies and look where it's got me, still saving for the top training facilities!

I would say save for the next training (3 gold stars) and try to buy a cheap youth team of players who train around 70-90xp because you can pick them up for a few credits and they'll be worth a bit more when they're older anyway plus you'll get a bit of ticket revenue

For the main team maybe look at going for some early to mid 20's and just float about in the lower divisions and promote any youths that become good enough for the main squad! (Whichll be easier on the next facilities
Best of luck smiley