WTS anorexia player check his stats

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Krasniy Partizan (AN Marchuk) 30 July 2020, 13:10
199 cm/61 kg

omg what type of man is that almost 2m height and 61 kilo weight. skeleton)

Spriteyy (Manager of Spriteyy) 30 July 2020, 13:12

Spriteyy (Manager of Spriteyy) 30 July 2020, 13:13
Something is wrong with that man for sure. smiley

Arsenäl FC (Finto) Moderator 30 July 2020, 13:58
I have a player who is only 50kg smiley He needs to go to the gym smiley

This guy only turned 16 and he is 6'8" tall. 204cm!!

He isn't the tallest player i have either with 2 others at 6'9".