User Developed Add-Ons/Plugins

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Stardawg FC (Nick Kush) 22 February 2021, 16:54
Just spent the last 30 mins typing this out only to lose it, so have a concise version instead:

Hattrick inspired ideas:
-User developed add-ons e.g in depth stats, all time records for cups, clubs and leagues. Assists, clean sheets, goal/match ratio, Ballon D'or type beats etc
- Alternative/2d/text based match simulators as chrome plugins or small downloadables.
-More in-depth scouting/transfer search features

Most of these are user developed which would be fun to implement here, sort of semi-official add ons endorsed by the devs while saving them some work

- Optional release clauses which would bypass the 15 minute auction, unlike transfers
- Multiple stadium customisation options for each level to give a different aesthetic. Think fratton park, stadio olympico, just more styles in general
- Ability to change stadium seat/wall colours, Text/patterns painted into seats, Grass cutting style, adding flags on banisters.
-3rd kits, or GK Kits (could be a VM Pro/premium feature)
-Bumping up the custom tournament Idea because it's great. In the overview screen participants could also have a chat box, allowing for more integration and fun playing together. Player of the tournament etc.
- Which brings me onto: more personal accolades for players, even MOTM

Now this is personally one that I'd love the most: Being able to change team mentality etc for individual fixtures without it affecting the tactic set for the game, so that it returns to default for the next fixture. E.g The next game is against a team with 5 strikers, so for this game I want to change the playing style to counter-attacking, with it resetting to balanced for the match after that

The Dark Carnival (Pogo) 22 February 2021, 23:02
Not going to address all your points, but a couple of things....

Release clauses don't work on here. Too much cheating. The 15 min auction is there to stop that happening.

The thing about setting individual match tactics is already a thing on VM. Click squads >> coming matches and then preview on the game you want to change tactics for. You can drag and drop your original tactic to the customised slot to copy it, and then make alterations to it in that slot. You then click apply and your tactics are customised for one game only.