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SuDoku AFC (Howard Garns) Crew 23 February 2021, 00:26
Welcome to VM
This is an updated version of the guide first created in 2012 and amended in 2019 by Tom.

If anyone has anything you think needs to be added (or changed) please do post & I'll update further:

1. Forum Etiquette
2. VM Premium
3. Training
4. Player ratings, distinctions and values
5. Making credits (Trading and other revenue streams)
6. Staff (Scouts and Trainers)
7. Stadiums
8. Important stats
9. General advice, hints and tips

1. Forum Etiquette
Be polite - the moderators can lock threads and ban people who break the FORUM RULES.
When creating a topic, try to post it in the right place, do not post multiple topics about the same thing and use a relevant title.
Avoid spamming the forums.

2. VM Premium
There are several advantages to paying for VM Premium - it's important to note that this game is not Pay to Win, but paying does give you some advantages, including:
1) The ability to see a player's training average - this will help you to gauge how good a player really is by the amount of stats they pick up through training.
2) Expand your training ground above Large Training Ground (Red)
3) Expand your stadium capacity over 1000.
4) The ability to use staff (Scouts and Trainers)
5) Create 5 youth players per week.
6) Ability to create a Youth Squad - and thereby increase maximum Club Squad size to 42 players.
7) Upgrade Physio facilities enabling you to reduce injuries > at a cost each time you do it!
8) See fewer advertisements
All of the advantages are covered in more detail in later sections
* > Get Premium without subscription "here"

3. Training > You can only train once per day.
This cycle begins at 11pm UK time and DOES NOT ROLLOVER IF YOU MISS ONE!.
(You can buy VM Tickets from The Shop which you can use to ensure you never miss a training session by having the system do it for you if you're likely to forget or not be online for more than the next day...)
You can train at any time during the 24 hour period.
There are several different training grounds - each upgrade comes at a price but will improve the level of training your players are able to achieve. If a player training on lawn moves to a club with World Class Training Facility then their training will improve dramatically. The players potential will decide how well he trains, the training ground ground acts as a multiplier on that potential.
This is the list of training grounds and prices:

Training without a trainer means your team will always be trained on normal intensity on training match. This means that the training will be divided across all the stats. You need a trainer to select the activities and intensity with which your players train, which enables you to target specific stats and train harder.
Trainers are expensive and a bad trainer is not worth having. You need VM Premium to use Trainers!, so you will have wasted your credits if you get one without it.
Ideally your Trainers should have 20/20 abilities on Outfield or Keeper, & If training players under 24 yrs old then they should be 20 in Youth too. There are Forum Threads to help with finding Staff.
Think of each stat as a bucket needing to be filled, If you train on aerobic for example which only works Stamina, fitness and acceleration stats, and your player does 99XP then that's 0.99 buckets of water distributed across 3 stat buckets. If your player was already near to filling those buckets, he could go up by one in every stat, if he wasn't close to filling up those buckets then he may not have any stats improve but will fill them up so that next time, he will go over and start a new bucket. These "buckets" are indicated by the green bars which tell you how full the bucket is. The 99% will not necessarily be divided equally between the 3 buckets though - depending on how much effort you put into each stat on the training screen. Training without a trainer means the training will be split across every bucket.
Advice for starting out:
Your players will not be good enough to benefit from a trainer for a while so it will be a waste of credits even with VM Premium. Youths which you create can become Talents with or without a trainer, and if they do so without a trainer then they will generally fetch a higher price on auction. My own advice would be not to bother with a trainer until you get to Grey (Standard Training Facility) training ground, but others will have different opinions on that. Your players will not be good enough to benefit from a trainer for a while so it will be a waste of credits even with VM Premium. Youths which you create can become Talents with or without a trainer, and if they do so without a trainer then they will generally fetch a higher price on auction. My own advice would be not to bother with a trainer until you get to Grey (Standard Training Facility) training ground, but others will have different opinions on that.

4. Player ratings, distinctions and values

Player ratings are determined by the distribution of stats, and the total amount of stats. Each position group (Keepers, defenders, midfielders, attackers) has different requirements for ratings. Defenders need to be good at tackling, midfielders need to be good at passing and dribbling etc. There is no difference in this between individual positions within the groups - DC and DR/DL etc.
Player values are calculated each week during the Sunday update. They are calculated by looking at the players total stats, rating, and what similar players have sold for. These can vary wildly, and are not an accurate guide of the players true market value.
There are 4 different distinctions in VM: Talents; Wonderkids; Class Players and World Class Players. These are updated daily at 1pm UK time.
Talents are shown by the small blue T symbol. This distinction can only be awarded to players aged 15-18 and shows that they are training at a high level. There is a specific threshold of potential to gain Talent status, however the level of potential above the threshold is a wide range so some Talents are immensely more valuable than others. EG a player training at 62 on Lawn would be a Talent. A player training at 120 on Lawn would be a Talent. The one with the higher training has lots more potential and will therefore be significantly more valuable.
Wonderkids smiley are shown by the small green W symbol. This distinction can only be awarded to players aged 17-22. This symbol indicates that the player is within the top X percent for his age and position based on stats/rating. A player can become a smiley without having the training level required for status, if the appropriate stats are targetted heavily.
Class players are shown by the small silver star. These are players that are excellent, but not quite world class level. This is based on them being in the top X percent of players at their position.
World Class Players are shown by the small gold star meaning they are elite players and amongst the best in the game for their position.
If a player loses a distinction, it does not mean they are a worse player. can lose the distinction if their training average drops below the threshold. smiley and can lose their distinction if other players overhaul them. All distinctions can be gained back again if lost.

5. Making credits

There are numerous ways to make credits in this game. It is important to note that most of your income will be generated through players and trading.
Trading This is the most important credit stream in the game and if you don't actively trade then you will find it very difficult to make any progress in the game. Trading always involves an auction. If you buy players from the transfer list then they will go on auction for 15 minutes and you can be outbid. This is to ensure cheating is minimalised. Most activity in an auction takes place in the last 15 minutes or so, so there is no point bidding for great players with 14 hours left on an auction, because you might well be leading it until 14 minutes when you are immediately outbid. Leading an auction ties up your credits so you cannot use them elsewhere. The transfer market is closed from 11pm to 7am everyday UK time. Again, to minimalise cheating, if you buy a player off the transfer list between these times the auction will not be 15 minutes, it will be until 7am (or just after...).
There are two main methods of trading:
Player flipping: This involves buying players and selling them again on auction for a higher price. Usually this is short term and done within 24 hours or so. This will be the primary method available to newcomers and requires a bit of patience -see what kind of prices players are fetching. the best advice I can give people for this is to focus on one specific age group on the auctions for a day or two - Try to understand why some players are selling for more than others (look at training, rating, stats etc)
Developing players: This involves buying players, usually based on potential and training them up to sell further down the line. This involves having a training ground big enough to improve them significantly so is not really accessible when you're starting out (Personal advice is minimum Black or Turqoise training ground for this strategy)
(Having a Youth Squad increases the available opportunities at both methods.)
There is obviously some middle ground buying players cheap and transfer listing them so it's longer than flipping but not as long term as developing, but those are the two main strategies.
Other revenue streams include sponsorship, tickets, prize money.
Sponsorship: You can request sponsorship from a number of sponsors every week. The request you make needs to be reasonable or the sponsors will reject you. A common idea for sponsor requests is multiplying your Vifa points by 4 as the base amount and your Vifa points multiplied by 2 as a bonus amount although there are other methods. To find your Vifa points go to your club page and hover over your VIFA rank Apply for sponsorship
Match Tickets: (Gate receipts) You should set your ticket prices low (5C) to begin with and then if you are selling out your stadium every week, then move it up by 1C until u are selling out again, then up by another 1C etc. The page to change ticket prices is the stadium page, which can be found by clicking on stadium on the left hand side of your homepage or club profile page (Or clicking HERE ). You can check crowds by clicking on the result and looking at the spectator number.
Prize money: You will receive a small sum of money based on league position and television rights at the end of each season. You won't always get a notification about this, but it can be viewed by checking your accounts from your homepage.Higher league position means higher income from prize money and this increases so higher divisions earns you higher revenue from this stream.

6. Staff - Trainers and Scouts

NB - To hire and use staff you must have VM Premium - which can be bought via The Shop.
Trainers and Scouts stats are shown as a mark out of 20, but only certain stats are useful for each role:
Trainers: Important stats: Youth, Outfield, Keepers
Don't try and run before you can walk, wait until you can afford a trainer, as mentioned above, a bad one is not worth having and they are all expensive. When u can afford a trainer, the only attributes that matter are Youth, Keeper and Outfield - every other stat is irrelevant. I would suggest that 18 is the minimum acceptable for relevant stats to make it worthwhile having - for example if you are looking for an outfield players trainer then look for one 18 or above in BOTH youth and outfield but as he won't be training your keeper, his keeper stat can be 1, it's irrelevant. Trainer stats DO NOT increase so don't buy one thinking he will get better... To find staff you need to go here: Staff search or have a look in Scouts/Trainers Wanted, feel free to request people to help you find one in here too.
Scouts: Important stats:
Potential assessment: Scout's ability to assess potential
Ability assessment: Scout's ability to assess ability
Motivation: Scout's ability to return an untrained youth in the results
Discipline: Determines the maximum number of players in a report.
Motivation plus Discipline: Determines for how long the scout will need to rest after finishing a report.
Ideally you should have scouts with 20/20 on as many of the above attributes as possible.
The scout works by searching for players and providing a limited number of reports.
He shows his assessment of players as a grading - these are imperfect and different scouts may grade players differently - so to get a complete picture of a players potential you may need to run several scouts on the same player.
It takes 3 Minutes for the scout to report back and below are the ratings he comes back with:Catastrophic; Miserable; Below Average; Poor; OK; Reasonable; Promising; Formidable; Enormous.
You can also use your Scout to evaluate your own players or the players of a specific team, you do this by pressing the Evaluate Players button on club page.

7. Stadium
Repairing your stadium is most cost effective if done when it reaches 80% condition. Any less than 80% (overall average) and you start to lose fans. You can do it before it gets to 80% but because there is an initial fee for the repairs which is always the same, the best time to do it in terms of being efficient with credits is at 80% - or when advised by the system help notification.

Stadium upgrades: (Post changes of 2nd Sept 2014):
E & W STANDS: Capacity ..100 each X 2 = 200 @ 500C each X 2 = 1,000C
N & S STANDS: .Capacity ... 60 each X 2 = 120 @ 400C each X 2 = . 800C
CORNERS : ..... Capacity .... 20 each X 4 = .80 @ 300C each X 4 = 1,200C
TOTAL Capacity …...................................... 400 ....…..….………….. 3,000C

E & W STANDS: +250 fans each X 2 = 500 @ 35,000C each X 2 = 70,000C
N & S STANDS: .+120 fans each X 2 = 240 @ 22,000C each X 2 = 44,000C
CORNERS : ....… +90 fans each X 4 = 360 @ 20,000C each X 4 = 80,000C
TOTAL additional capacity ..................1,100 .…..….…...………..… 194,000C
TOTAL STADIUM CAPACITY .…....... 1,500 Cost so far ................ 197,000C

E & W STANDS: +850 fans each X 2 = 1,700 @ 450,000C X 2 = 900,000C
N & S STANDS: .+520 fans each X 2 = 1,040 @ 300,000C X 2 = 600,000C
CORNERS: ....... +290 fans each X 4 = 1,160 @ 180,000C X 4 = 720,000C
TOTAL additional capacity ……............ 3,900 ……....….…….… 2,220,000C
TOTAL STADIUM CAPACITY ...........… 5,400 Cost so far ......... 2,417,000C

E & W STANDS:+3,600 fans X 2 = 7,200 @ 2,500,000C X 2 = 5,000,000C
N & S STANDS: +1,700 fans X 2 = 3,400 @ 1,400,000C X 2 = 2,800,000C
CORNERS: ...... +1,000 fans X 4 = 4,000 @ ..850,000C X 4 = 3,400,000C
TOTAL additional capacity ….........14,600 ……….....…...…… 11,200,000C
TOTAL STADIUM CAPACITY........ 20,000 Cost so far ........... 13,617,000C

E & W STANDS:+10,200 fans X 2 = 20,400 @12,000,000C X 2 = 24,000,000C
N & S STANDS: ..+5,600 fans X 2 = 11,200 @ 8,000,000C X 2 = 16,000,000C
CORNERS: ........+3,100 fans X 4 = 12,400 @ 5,000,000C X 4 = 20,000,000C
TOTAL additional capacity …........... 44,000 .…........……...…….. 60,000,000C
TOTAL STADIUM CAPACITY ...…... 64,000 Cost so far ............. 73,617,000C

E & W STANDS:+13,800 fans X 2 = 27,600 @48,000,000C X 2 = 96,000,000C
N & S STANDS: .+6,400 fans.X 2 = 12,800 @28,000,000C X 2 = 56,000,000C
CORNERS: ....... +3,900 fans X 4 = 15,800 @18,500,000C X 4 = 74,000,000C
TOTAL additional capacity ….......... 56,000 .......…....…..………. 226,000,000C
TOTAL STADIUM CAPACITY 120,000,000 COST ..................... 299,617,000C

Pitch upgrades:
LEVEL 1 .................. 400C
LEVEL 2 ..............10,000C
LEVEL 3 ........... 190,000C
LEVEL 4 ........ 1,200,000C
LEVEL 5 ........ 4,500,000C
LEVEL 6 .......10,000,000C
TOTAL COST 15,900,400C

Physio Facilities:
What do they Cost? and Provide?

8. Important stats
Important stats vary by position but there are some less obvious ones that have important whole team effects.
Leadership: Applicable only for the team captain, or his replacement.
The captain's leadership gives a bonus to all players on the team.
100 in the captain's leadership stats adds 10% to all your players stats each match. 50 in leadership adds 5%, and so on. The captain's perseverance is doubled, so it is important for him to have a high stat there too.
Perseverance: It is your players' total perseverance that counts. That way, we get the effect that your players with high perseverance can inspire the less enthusiastic ones. Only those players currently on the pitch are taken into account. When your team is behind in the match. high perseverance will lessen the negative effect that players get when they are losing.
Perseverance is also crucial in determining the home advantage. The more the home team's perseverance exceeds that of the away team, the greater their home advantage. However, if the away team has more total perseverance than the home team, they can reduce the home team advantage or even completely eliminate it if their perseverance is really superb.

9. General advice, hints and tips

VM Premium is valuable: It is possible to succeed without it and some players have won the top division without Premium, but it is harder.
VM Premium gives you ability to expand your stadium to increase your revenue, and training ground to increase your players' ability. It also gives you the ability to create 5 youths per week - these act like a lottery ticket, so don't waste them - a youth with high potential can be created by any club, on any training ground - they are worth more when trained without a trainer on the lower training grounds. Make sure you sign all of them every week, and if you get a good one, consider selling him after the 5th training session. This is the earliest point you can sell a player and if you keep them any longer, they are missing out on stats they would get on a higher ground so you will lose value.
Use the forums! - The community on here is very helpful and will happy to answer any questions you may have, just make sure you adhere to the forum rules.
Banners and Logos - These are purely cosmetic, but do give your club a sense of identity. There is a forum for requests but very few people are currently making them. I taught myself to use through trial and error, and that's a good way to gain some new skills.
Be sure to renew contracts - Your players can be signed for a maximum of 21 days. Older players can retire after age 31 and if you do not have them signed up for the full 21 days then you have fewer days use of them, and less time to replace them.
Players decline - After age 28, player abilities start to decline. The rate of this will vary by player but increases as players get older so do not be surprised if one of your older players suddenly goes down in rating. Speed, Acceleration and Stamina decline most, followed by technical abilities at a slower rate. Perseverance and Leadership never decline. Training level will also decline from age 28.
Strategy for early success - Top tip for early success is to buy older players. Buying younger players won't get you very far as you can't afford good ones, and you can't improve them due to having a low level training ground. Buy old players to get you up the leagues, transfer list for a bit more than you paid and start piling up some much needed extra credits.
Credits are king in this game.
Difference between Transfer List and Minimum Price options: Transfer list is more commonly used, and means that if you meet the asking price, that player will go on auction for 15 minutes. If nobody outbids you then the player is yours. You can bid lower than transfer list price but that will send an offer to the club who will then decide whether to accept or reject your bid. Minimum price means that you cannot send a bid lower than the minimum and if you meet the asking price, it will still go to the club to decide whether to accept or reject. If accepted, 15 minute auction will follow.
Don't bother upgrading physio dept - You do not need any of these facilities until much further in the game, it's a waste of credits at the beginning - trust me.
Playing players out of position - Each player can be moved on the Tactics page. Green squares indicate that player is comfortable playing there. Playing players out of position will result in penalties - 20% for placing them on yellow squares, 50% for placing them on red squares.

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FC Viitorul Constanta (Gheorghe Hagi) 24 February 2021, 23:10
Any ideea why Cup matches don't give VIFA points? Doesn't seem natural. usually it's international competition that are ranked IRL, like UCL/UEFA smiley

FC Viitorul Constanta (Gheorghe Hagi) 24 February 2021, 23:11
Also Premium advantage would be youth squad, and with it increased space squad to 42 players

FC Viitorul Constanta (Gheorghe Hagi) 24 February 2021, 23:13
and you might want to add Time Zone for the market hours smiley which in the example would be GMT if i'm not mistaking, so for CET you should add one hour

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FC Viitorul Constanta wrote:
Any ideea why Cup matches don't give VIFA points? Doesn't seem natural. usually it's international competition that are ranked IRL, like UCL/UEFA smiley
> Wrong thread. This isn't a Q & A topic - but either way - that's just how it is.
FC Viitorul Constanta wrote:
Also Premium advantage would be youth squad, and with it increased space squad to 42 players
Added smiley = Thank you.
FC Viitorul Constanta wrote:
and you might want to add Time Zone for the market hours smiley which in the example would be GMT if i'm not mistaking, so for CET you should add one hour
Done smiley = Thank you.

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I was just reading Section 9 the Advice on the benefits of Premium, some people complain about paying to win or pay to play, but when I used to go Arcades I happily spend £5-£10 playing games one day a week or when ever I it was I went.... I'll leave that there, it was just a thought.........