Switching Divisions

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Rookery Park (Matt Colley) 25 May 2022, 10:52
Newcastle U FC wrote:
"and I'm now wasting two seasons in div 3 and div 2"

Oh dear. I've said my piece about this often enough and some of you know my position well that 2 players agreeing to swap leagues should be banned and is by my definition cheating. I won't rehash the reasons for why I feel this but they are explained in detail in some of my press releases. I accept I am in the seeming minority here based on the comments I see from time to time when this chestnut comes up, but as someone commented above, if you choose to switch leagues then there can be no guarantee you can barge straight into the top league of your chosen new country, and that is good and proper, IMHO.

I realise I come across entitled and maybe insulting to div 3 and 2 teams, I was in no way intending to do that, so apologies for my wording of the post and outburst responding to this old ish topic.

It's a fair opinion, I'd been advised to league swap in the past as I was told a lot of managers do it, didn't ever think of it as a form of borderline cheating, its definitely a leg up