Feedback: Follow VM development

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FC Apollyon (Liam - CM) Community Manager 30 November 2021, 16:43
Any comments or feedback to the related blog post, please post them here.

Blog post can be found here: 1066-follow-vmans-development

SuDoku AFC (Crew Member of the year) Crew 30 November 2021, 17:40
> just Love the Changelog!

And, it's Grrrrr 8 to have the Advent Calendar back again

Arsenäl FC (Finto) Forum moderator 6 December 2021, 22:15
I'm sorry but this just looks horrible!

Newcastle U FC (Rolf Bergström) 16 March 2022, 12:35
VM Pro and customised match kits

It appears that we can customise match kits but not in any contrast colour, so that for example if you play in red and white, you cannot add a blue logo - it defaults to red even if you save it as blue. Can you confirm if this is indeed the case and comment on whether there are any plans/possibilities to widen kit customisation to allow for a contrast colour to be added onto the match kits please?

The benefits of VM PRO (for its price) are really very small (although I know there are plans to widen the offering), this would at least be one thing which would make a difference for some players.

Thank you, Rolf

PS Shirts with horizontal stipes (such as the Celtic strip) are also not currently possible which seems odd.