Let’s support our businesses on Etsy

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Chelsea B (Full Team Listed - Alfie) 11 May 2022, 20:32
Hi all, hopefully this is aloud. If so, I just thought it would be a great idea if you have a small or big business on Etsy that you would like to share on here for extra support, you can post the link here and we will check it out. Please be kind, positive and supportive. Let’s help each other!

Check out my wife’s new small business. Spread the word or share it somehow if possible please. More products, colours, name personalisation etc coming out soon!. #supportsmallbussiness

Thank you! smiley

Rookery Park (Matt Colley) 11 May 2022, 23:50
Best of luck to her smiley

Chelsea B (Full Team Listed - Alfie) 12 May 2022, 00:06
Thank you Matt smiley