141xp on ATG first train, one to ke[Locked Rule 2]

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SoloBoloNgolos (TheBoloNgolo) 14 June 2022, 16:00
141xp on ATG


SoloBoloNgolos (TheBoloNgolo) 15 June 2022, 02:46
134 average at the moment

SoloBoloNgolos (TheBoloNgolo) 18 June 2022, 00:06
Finished on a 123xp average over 5 trains, on auction now

Arsenäl FC (Finto) Forum moderator 18 June 2022, 02:36
You are forbidden from seeking valuations for players currently on auction/transfer list.

This is to stop clubs using this forum as advertising space.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any active topics you have do not mention and do not contain links to players you are selling.