Virtual manager on mobile

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Albania FC (Sach) 21 June 2022, 22:18
Does the game not zoom in properly for anyone else when you come on it? I just got back to playing the game its getting annoying every time i click on a different tab it keeps zooming out and not going full screen

Newcastle U FC (Rolf Bergström) 22 June 2022, 13:34
The mobile version has a number of drawbacks regarding usability. It is much better than it was, but is still deficient in a number of areas. There has been very many comments on this down the years, but sadly no proper 2-way dialogue with the designer to discuss development priorities.

KZR LEGION FC (Sean Taylor) 23 June 2022, 00:44
Yeah... best to only play on desktop / laptop.

I only use mobile to check my league position and train if I am outdoors and have already set my training exercises.

Basically, don't use Mobile for this game, you might bid 10m on a 1m Talent like I did smiley